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Memes - 5 Fingers of Thanks


Memes - 5 Fingers of Thanks

Thankful for all the Mother's Day gifts! My peeps are the best. 

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 Mother's Day Luncheon at Preschool.

Hand crafted Mother's Day gifts from preschool.
 My custom place mat, corsage, paper weight and plant.

Texas Blogger - Full Time Mother - Pamela M. Kramer
Me and Silly getting our goofy on!
Pot luck lunch at preschool.
 Mmmm FOOD!
Mother's Day luncheon dessert table at preschool.
 Mmmm desert.
Mother's Day Flowers 2012
 Flowers from my eldest.
one handed bar bell lift
 My boys made me these cd covers. I love the cartoon of me lifting a barbell with one hand!
Mother's Day Gift 2012
 I'm always talking about how our home should be a place of peace. A place to relax and get away from all the stuff that happens outside these doors. This was a gift to me from my peeps. It's deemed the "candle of peace and happiness." When it's lit everyone has to be happy and at peace. I LOVE IT!!!!  Best gift ever.

If you find yourself thinking you would like to share your own five fingers of thanks with me, please leave it in the comment section so I can share in your joy!

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