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Memes - 5 Fingers of Thanks


Memes - 5 Fingers of Thanks

1. Thankful that my husband now has some breathing room. It's nice to see him smile again.
2. Thankful that all that is left is to pay off the house. Dave Ramsey's Baby Step 6.
3. Thankful that I'm over the pain management. I've just settled in with the idea that I'm going to be in pain.
4. Thankful to have my priorities straight.
5. Thankful my church has this super awesome family series that has been really helpful. I have lots of links to share.

This is a listing of our church members and their HEALTHY businesses.

Alice Sexton, D.C. - Health Works Clear Lake
Scott Anderson - Crossfit Deer Park
Carmon Womack - Vemma Liquid Vitamin Supplements

Other health related sites:

Calculate your Body Mass Index, learn about good mental health at Healthy Minds and find out what's going on for Fitness in Deer Park, TX.

If you find yourself thinking you would like to share your own five fingers of thanks with me, please leave it in the comment section so I can share in your joy!

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