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Crossfit-Daze-Newbie Day


Crossfit-Daze-Newbie Day

This is Geri and today was her very first day at our box. She's done it before but not with us. I know Geri from Adventure bootcamp and a running bootcamp and we have crossed paths in several races along the way. She always sees me talking about my work outs on Facebook so she came to join me today.
 @CrossfitUnity - #Crossfit SWOD - Front squats 5-3-1 (65, 85, 105) not bad, not great but it's progress. Wall Ball Burpees 10lb med ball - 3 reps increase by 1 rep per round for 12 minutes. I only made it to 10 reps and then I had to bear crawl the rest of the time. It was ugly! Must work on that core. But Geri - well she beat us ALL. She was the last one standing in the final round. Amazing job for her first day. I think she will back. :)


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