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Plants vs. Zombies by Big Fish Games - Win a Code to Play!


Plants vs. Zombies by Big Fish Games - Win a Code to Play!

 Photo: #gamereview plants vs. zombies

Big Fish Games has thousands of online arcade and action games for you and your family to test drive! You can play any of the games for an hour before making your purchase. What a great idea because you can find just the right one before spending a dime. My family was asked if we would like to try out one of these popular games.
I must admit that I'm not that much of a gamer but my son and husband love it! My son and I went through the list and we chose Plants vs. Zombies. We didn't waste anytime creating our own Zombie! We got to pick the skin, hair, the clothes and other fun accessories to complete our zombie.
My son played for a while to give it a good test run! He said "Mom! You have to play this!" I have to admit it was really silly and really fun! Before I knew it he was giving me all the game strategies on where to place the flowers and the plants to best stop the zombies from reaching the house!
The object was to keep the zombies away from the house on the left! In the first photo I failed that mission but with his help I was able to make to more levels. As a back up there are some lawnmowers waiting on the left waiting to run over the zombies! It was a riot to play. The next thing I knew the whole family was gathered around to watch! 
We had a blast playing and it wasn't too graphic which was a plus for me. Our favorite was the almanac which describes all the characters in the game. They are written with a lot of humor. If you reach certain levels you can unlock more mini games and puzzles to play!

Would you like to try your hand at a Big Fish Games? They have offered my readers 2 codes!  To enter just click the hyperlink a Rafflecopter giveaway. Good Luck and happy gaming. Special thanks to Big Fish Games for sponsoring this post and offering free codes! 

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