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The Journey TV Project - Is Your Fitness Location on The Tour Yet?


The Journey TV Project - Is Your Fitness Location on The Tour Yet?

Have you heard? Journey TV is on a tour and I can't wait to until they show up at Crossfit Unity. The general manager and Chris Donnelly are working out the details. What's so great about this tour? "The Journey TV is a web series created by Chris Donnelly, inspired from him losing 100+ lbs using training for events as motivation, cycling being the primary. The Journey TV has a goal to inspire others regardless of size to get moving and show them how. Chris started posting content in February 2010 and the response has been amazing. We look forward to showing you all the different options available for fitness, Health and wellness. If you have any ideas or suggestions for The Journey TV contact me. Have a new workout? Have a different routine? A new piece of Equipment? I’d love to check it out!" - Chris Donnelly

What sold me was his promo video with Clare. It rocked my socks, take a look. 

Chris and I met through Facebook and we belong to the same groups. I really believe in what he is doing because I too have dabble in so many different forms of exercise. When I started my weight loss journey I wanted to be able to do it all! I have contacted several places that I have been to and put them in touch with Chris. I can't wait to watch the series! If you would like your fitness location to be part of the tour click on any of the hyperlinks to be connected with Chris. You can tweet him too and tell him I sent you. 


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