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Day 2 of Thanks


Day 2 of Thanks

Thank you!

GHD for answering my burning questions. You are the one and only response and I don't care because now I have learned something new today and you ROCK for that! Here are your two cookies.

Izzy Mom for giving GHD the answers to my burning questions. Izzy Mom is a hoot and a holler and if you have never visited her blog you should.

To all the visitors who have left comments on my blog this week and Rocks In My Dryer for hosting such a cool carnival.

To the local mechanics who towed my Gram's car this morning and are fixing the leaking coolant situation.

To my cleaning crew who come every Friday to do in an hour what would take me an entire weekend to do by myself. No, I am not a wealthy woman I just trade getting my nails or hair done or wearing anything with a designer label or carrying anything with a designer label. It's not that I don't want to I just rather not have to do intense cleaning on top of everything else.

Lastly, to my pirate who did forgive me. We played about 15 rounds of hide-n-seek and tomorrow we go to the grocery store for more ingredients for the next recipe he wants to try. Stay tuned.

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