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Glory Days - Day 79


Glory Days - Day 79

Glory Days song of the day by Bruce Springstein. Yesterday when I went to help my buddy with accounting we just happen to go through our old high school year books. There is an old class mate that she has reconnected with and they spoke of me. This girl thought I didn't like her because of some ethnic reason. I lost it! I most likely went through many days of high school being annoyed about something. There was too much going on in those days. Glory Days sort of and if I could go back and do this or that who knows. I do know where I am now though and if I sit long enough and it's quiet enough then and only then can I truly know where I am in my life. That doesn't happen too often. Seems like I need more time to reflect. I'll have to work on that. Now if I could only get that border off of my signature.....

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