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The 2008 Battery Challenge! - Day 3


The 2008 Battery Challenge! - Day 3

We are still testing batteries! Today we are finishing the Rayovac batteries in our 3 toys. The Geo Trax Grand Central Station, The Home Depot screw driver and the Night Vision Goggles that you see right here.

We started each of the toys at 8:35am. At 9:50am the screwdriver stopped and at 9:58am the Night Vision Goggles shut down. The Geo Trax ran until 12:12pm. I was very surprised by this! I thought they would shut down around the same time but they didn't.

Screwdriver - 5 hours 15 minutes
Geo Trax - 8 hours 35 minutes
Night Vision Goggle - 5 hours 23 minutes

Next up - Duracell.
We began our 4 hour testing at 12:20pm. Stay tuned for more results on Day 4 of The 2008 Battery Challenge. Which brand gives you more play time for your money?

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