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The 2008 Battery Challenge! - Day 2


The 2008 Battery Challenge! - Day 2

Surprising results today. We started all the toys at the same time at 1:35pm and they began slowing down an hour later. At 3:05pm the screwdriver completely stopped working and at 3:25pm the Geo Trax engine also stopped working. While these toys lost their battery life the night vision goggles were fading. They began to flicker like the film that comes off of a projector. At 3:39pm the batteries had completely died in the night vision goggles. I was really surprised that overall the battery life of the Energizer brand was around 6 hours.
Screwdriver - 5 hours 35 minutes
Geo Trax - 5 hours 55 minutes
Night Vision Goggle - 5 hours 59 minutes

Next up - Rayovac.
We began our 4 hour testing at 3:50pm. Stay tuned for more results on Day 3 of The 2008 Battery Challenge. Which brand gives you more play time for your money?

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