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Thursday Thirteen #60 - Disbelief


Thursday Thirteen #60 - Disbelief

Thirteen random things that I'm in disbelief about! Ready? Here we go.
1.) How is it possible that after all the scanning my computer about 20 times I still have corrupt files?
2.) Why do I have to use 10 different software packages to get rid of all the infected files?
3.) If each virus scan ends up cleaning, deleting or quarantines then how come a new scan finds more?
4.) How could I have not had a virus protection program running in the background?
5.) Why does my toddler cry every time he wakes up? No matter if it is in the morning or a nap!
6.) How can my dd miss graduating with an Associates by one class? Dance Appreciation? She's killin' me.
7.) Why can't the new cpsia regulations be clearer?
8.) Why doesn't the media pick up on this topic considering how many businesses it will effect?
9.) Why aren't the firemen more careful when they throw the candy off the Santa fire truck?
10.) Why is it that any time I put nice clothing on the baby spits up on me?
11.) Every time I've gone shopping for pretzel rods at the store to make a Christmas treat they have been sold out.
12.) Can't believe I haven't mailed out our Christmas cards.
13.) Can't believe we don't have a Christmas tree yet!
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