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Save Me - Day 35


Save Me - Day 35

Save Handmade Toys

Yes, you! Save Me and save those of us who have tried to create a brand, a product, something that you could use. Something that you would be proud to have your family own. A couple of months ago I made the Mom Made Pledge and have kept my word. I have made Christmas purchases and hosted contests to share Mom Made products with others. In November the CPSIA made it's grand entrance to help save our children from hazardous chemicals. We are all on board with keeping our children safe.

As this bill is written it will end many WAHMs and SAHMs that provide products to children 12 and under. How can you help? You can help by grabbing the code and posting it to your blogs. You can help by voting and signing petitions.

I've worked my hardest trying to provide you the best line of clothing I can give. I never thought my business would end because of an ill written bill. I have access to an XRF gun that tests metal levels. I have scanned my own fabrics and inks and the result was zero lead or any other hazardous chemical that would harm your child but how can I afford the third party testing that ranges from $100 - $4000 to prove that?

I would hate to see small companies like Tote and Tee leave the market. I just ordered a super cute rhinestone sweat suit for my baby. I would also hate to see Baby Fish Mouth leave the market place too. I recently ordered their new design "May The Formula Be With You." There are many more! I don't want to leave either because I enjoy what I do. I've had the opportunity to work with some great moms! Wish us luck as we try to get this bill rewritten.


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