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Cooties - Day 34


Cooties - Day 34

Mommy Cracked & Hey ladies! Welcome and thanks for following. Guess what? I've got cooties! ok well I don't personally have cooties but my beloved computer does. :(

Everything is done on my computer from blogging, accounting (personal and business), email and running my online store. I don't know about you but I use Google every single day. I'm always researching something.

I started to notice that each time I clicked on a link from something I researched it would take me to some marketing site. Sort of like a price comparison site and I wasn't finding what I was looking for. Everytime I tried this it would go to a different site but it was always the same format. Any hoo...........

I ran Ad-Aware, Spy-Bot, Norton Anti-Virus and Avast and none have solved my problem. I spent hours on this yesterday. Avast was the best because it did find most of the virus hidden in files like you wouldn't believe. It was the Kleenal-D Trojan virus. What does this do? I don't know mess up my browser I guess. This only happens in my beloved Fire Fox browser.

I know you must be thinking why not use another browser? Well I could but that still doesn't get this virus off of my machine. I have narrowed it down to two files containing malicious scripts. They are sprtsvc.exe and sprtcmd.exe. It would be great just to find these two files and just delete them. The problem, my computer can't find these files. I will keep at it though. Oh and special thanks to Jarret Cade for helping me out and recommending Avast. He's been nominated in the tech category in the shorty awards!

It's like the cherry on top, you know?

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