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Christmas is Coming! - Day 28


Christmas is Coming! - Day 28

Cindi ~ Moomettesgram - Hey there Cindi! Thanks for following.
When I say Christmas is coming, I mean that in a shouting panic voice. We just got our tree today. It was slim pickings let me tell you. We found a Charlie Brown tree and dressed it up real nice. That is after we threw away several strands of non working lights. It just wasn't worth it to do the light in a hay stack search.

I have all but 3 presents wrapped. I still have shopping to do even though I did most of it online. I still have a few things to pick up. I did save us a lot of money shopping online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We haven't even taken the kids to see Santa. Geez I'm so late for the dance this year! I didn't send out Christmas cards either. Oh well, I have a super cute baby in the house cut me some slack! Right?

Speaking of super cute baby I'm going to dress her in this new design on Monday! She's going to look precious.

Meanwhile we are conducting the great battery test of 2008!
Rayovac vs. Energizer vs. Duracell

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