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Thunder - Day 30


Thunder - Day 30

It's not what you think. ROFL!!!
My hubby calls our baby girl "THUNDER" and every time he does Thunder Struck by AC/DC pops in my head. I can't help it and I giggle like a little school girl each time. Why "THUNDER?" It's because she has some pretty healthy thighs. She's adorable.

Today was her 4 month check up and here's the stats, 24.5" in length (which is in the 60th percentile range) and 17.7 pounds and that my friends is in the 99th percentile range. It's official she is a Happy Panda!

Then came the shots. I drag my husband to the immunization visits. That part is his department. She let out this scream that just sent a chill straight to my heart. I can still hear it. It made me cry for her. I know not to punch the nurse but it doesn't mean the urge isn't there. I had to hold her afterward to calm us both down. What is that connection? I was just amazed by that feeling. It really doesn't lend itself well to words. It's either that or I just can't find the right ones to be descriptive enough.

She's much better. After a good nap she still managed a pretty happy smile and lots of giggles.

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