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My Love For Music


My Love For Music

If you follow my blog at all or catch me status updates you know I'm a bit of a music freak. Music just sets my mood and I need it like the air I breath. A lot of the stuff I listen to keeps me going through out the day. I listen to it on my computer when I'm working or cleaning the house or driving.

My favorite places are and now Pandora! If I hear a song while I'm on the road I will come home and blip it for my listeners and readers. What is cool about Pandora is I can create my own radio station based on the artists and songs I like. I can rate that song with either a thumb up or down and the Music Genome Project will search for more songs like the one I like. My radio station grows from there and I can create multiple stations. If a song is played that I like but it should be in another genre then I can move it to another station. The whole idea is so cool if you're a music lover. When a song I like is played on Pandora I will Blip that too. also give you the ability to share music videos from You Tube. Some times if you can't find the audio of the song your looking for you can find the video.

Another cool site is positive hip hop from Perry Landesberg & Daniel Klein for kids. There is a cool video on the MeeWee site of a graduating class from Compton singing "I Can Be Anything." It's a really catchy tune and you can hear it as soon as the home page loads. If you would like to hear the other samples just click Stop Music and select any of the song titles listed on the dj booth! You can learn about all the MeeWee characters too using the roll over feature. Roll your mouse over each of the characters to read more about them or you can click here to see a listing of them all.

The songs on the album lend themselves to great teaching possibilites. As you can see here in the Teacher Resources section there are lesson plans available. What a great idea for those who are homeschooling too! MeeWee tunes are available on Rhapsody, Amazon, i Tunes and e Music. Let me know what you think music lovers!

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