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Home Sweet Home!


Home Sweet Home!

I'm so glad to be home. I was so glad to be on vacation with the whole family finally! We usually travel separately but now that the kids are a little older we can all go together now.
Tips for traveling with the family next time!
1.) Go ahead and take road trip snacks! What was I thinking. I know these kids and I know that baby. She needs her food and drink. I could have saved my hearing just by packing a little cooler.
2.) Don't leave the special shampoo behind! Seriously I thought I was doing myself a favor not taking my own shampoo or the kid's shampoo. Bad, just take it. My hair is so dry now.
3.) Stick with hotels suits. It's always handy to have a fridge with kids. We could have eaten a lot better and had some milk handy.
4.) Hotels with complimentary breakfast is great when traveling with kids. Stick with those! Also when the hotel restaurant's prices are the same as room service just eat out.
5.) If you get sick of eating out and you have a fridge at least you can go to a local grocery store and pick up some good for you food like fruit! lol
6.) Bringing a little blanket and bed toy for the baby was good idea. She was more comfortable sleeping in the little hotel crib.
7.) Go ahead and shave the morning you leave to go out of town! I'm just sayin. lol

That's it. I touched a computer once during the trip just to sign in for Aloha Friday but other than that I didn't miss it a bit. I did miss going to church this morning but it's cool. I did miss working out too but after the hikes we took in the heat. Oh wow, it was hot and sweaty! I'm glad to be home in our own bed and I don't mind not being in the car for a while. Honestly I'm not use to being in the car that long. I have to get use to it again, baby steps. :)

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