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Sea World, San Antonio


Sea World, San Antonio

After our Dinosaur World adventure we finally made it to San Antonio and checked into the Crowne Plaza downtown by the river walk. We had great dreams of making it Sea World yesterday but it was too late. We decided we would get there first thing this morning. The weather didn't look like it was going to be on our side but we took a risk and went any way. We saved $30 by ordering online and then we footed the extra $5 to park within the first five rows (best $5 we spent the whole trip!). In all honesty we were NOT prepared for Sea World. Our boys were more prepared than my husband and I because they wore swimsuits. I just wanted to see the Believe show and I thought we would spend more time watching shows. We were sitting in the "splash zone" so I didn't take as many photos as I wanted but here are a few.

How cool is this! Yes that close and it was so neat to see.Can you see the trainer? She is riding on top of this whales snout. YIKES!
Next up, my hubby wanted to see the sea lion show.
This is Uncle Max the walrus and he's really funny.
Right about now is when it started to get really hot. How hot was it? So hot that my eldest son started to rub the frozen lemonade chill in his hair to cool him off. Yes, that's right he did that! You know what happened next? Bees. Yep the bees kept swarming around his head. We had to get him to the restroom to wash that out of his hair! rofl....what a goof ball.

Next the boys found a play ground. The toddler and my hubby are inside this tube. It was getting hotter and hotter.
Then I realized that I forgot the sunscreen! It was time to leave as quickly as possible. My boys were very upset because they wanted to go the water park. Maybe next time! We didn't prepare for Sea World. If you're going to go please do yourself a favor and take a swimsuit. We left and were so happy to find our car quickly to get everyone cooled down. We only lasted four hours there. It was a great time though. Now we were off to visit my family that lives just outside of San Antonio. I have no pictures. I don't know where my camera was - arg! oh well we had a great time.

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