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I'm Not Digging It!


I'm Not Digging It!

One of my favorite bloggers Amy from Milk Breath and Margaritas wrote a post today Dig It or Not. Let me tell you what I'm NOT digging today. I've written before about food allergies and having all my kids on Zyrtec. Today we went to see an allergy specialist. I needed REAL answers. I don't want to blindly give my children medicine or play doctor when I haven't been to med school. I just want to make sure that I'm taking all the right precautions for my little people. How did I do that you ask? See photos below! I have to tell you that my husband did go with us for this mess. I could not have done it without him. My poor babies.

Skin test #1 - 60 skin pricks. Yes he cried a lot! It was heartbreaking.
Skin test #2 - 68 skin pricks. He cried even more and had to be held down. Awful!
Skin test #3 - 16 skin pricks. She didn't start crying until they reached the 6th one then she whaled. Luckily Daddy was holding her the entire time.

First a tip for all of you NEW patients! If you have to take your children to the same doctor have them email, fax, or mail you those new patient forms to fill out before your appointment. If you have enough time before your appointment send them back! We spent an entire hour on paper work alone. The total time there at the office including testing was 4.5 hours. My children were very unhappy but now we have answers. We know exactly what the allergies are and how to proceed. I no longer have to give the baby and toddler Zyrtec every single day. Our oldest has more fluid in his ears and may have to get tubes again. The toddler has his egg and nut allergies and now we know exactly which nuts.
This was one of the worst things to experience. It was so heartbreaking to have all of them hurting at the same time. My eldest took it the hardest. He went first and then watched his brother go through it. He cried for his brother. He left the room when it was his sister's turn. He couldn't do it. I don't blame him. What an ordeal it was today. Amy I didn't "Dig It."

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