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Thursday Thirteen #78 - Ruts


Thursday Thirteen #78 - Ruts

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Here I sit at my computer and I turn my head to the left to see my hubby on his computer and it makes me think of the same old rut. We do the same thing every single night unless he's out of town. Then he would just be on a computer playing in another city or state. I'm going to list my current ruts. I'm not sure if I can think of 13 of them but I will give it the old college try.

1.) CPSIA rut! That one has been going on for a looooooooooong time.
2.) Hubby is on the computer for most of the evening.
3.) I'm on the computer during the day back and forth.
4.) I retire to watch my favorite shows at night upstairs while he games downstairs. I tried to game with him but then that just leaves us up till all hours of the night.
5.) Avoiding the mess that is before me.
6.) Avoiding the mess behind me.
7.) Being in debt is just boring at this point.
8.) Not being able to get a night out with my husband.
9.) Trying to figure out what I'm going to do in five years when all the kids are finally in school.
10.) My dogs are always scratching and licking themselves. I think they're in a rut too.
11.) Wearing the same clothes! My wardrobe is in a rut.
12.) My finances are in a rut. It would be nice to have money to spend on things that I really could use as a woman! I'm just sayin' it's nice to feel feminine.
13.) My home interior is in a rut. I think it needs paint all over. I'm one of those people that is seriously affected by my environment. I get easily depressed by clutter. lol - I need help!
So there you have it, now please feel free to share your ruts with me if you have any. I guess it is possible that I am the only person on the planet who is stuck in a rut. lol

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