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How to Train a Spartan


How to Train a Spartan

Thanks again Matthew Johnson owner of for my super cool Spartan race inspired t-shirt. Can't wait till they go on sale in October so I can buy some for the family. My boys think it's so cool. Next week I plan to throw out some scale numbers to the #Mamavation crew. This photo was taken today and yes, I'm still considered medically obese. I'm still training and getting stronger every day. It would make it a lot easier if I wasn't trying to haul so much weight around when I'm trying to run but I'm working on it. Now on with today's training!

My morning was with crossfit trainer Shaun McCrary from Crossfit Unity in Seabrook, Texas. Aroo! Three classes of crossfit and 1.5 inches off of my hips. My hips haven't seen a significant decrease since April. I'm dealing with a whole new set of numbers. Can't even believe it! On to the warm up: 400m run, 10 over head stick squats, 10 push ups, 10 ab mats, 10 GHD back extensions, do it all twice!

Um, I did my warm up and I was waiting on other people to start the work out. Really? me in a crossfit gym waiting on other people to start. Who am I? rofl...

On to the workout: "The Lumber Jack" 55lbs. 5 bar hoists, 10 lever presses (5 on each side), 15 lumber jack squats, 5 over head squats and a 200m run, do it all 4 times! I have to tell you that by the time you get to the run part your legs are like J-E-L-L-O! It was TOUGH. I finished in 10 minutes 44 seconds. There was a woman there today who was having a hard time with her breathing and she was not having a good work out. When I was done she finished her 2nd round. I could have left but I stayed with her and helped her finish it out. I didn't have to but I couldn't help but want her to finish. Most of her problem was not so much her breathing but what she was telling herself.

It's hard
I don't think I can do it.
I can't breath right.
I'm just...negative...negative...negative.
Be like Hiro Otani and Just Do It! Don't think about it, just do it.

I'm a newbie all the way, this is my fourth class. She told me that she has been doing this for 6 months. She wanted some attention today. She wanted a little extra push. Shaun is a trainer. He tells you what to do and you do it. Is it hard? Yes!!!! You know that going in and expect it. If you don't think you can do something, guess what? YOU CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!  You can't breath right? You are in control of your own breathing. It's all focus. Although I had Greg Durham holding my hand through breathing techniques. What you tell yourself is what is most important. You have to be your biggest cheerleader. Everyone has an off day and some days you need that "echoing ego" that says "You can do this!" Today I was this woman's "echoing ego" and I stayed with her and lifted, squatted, ran/power walked and breathed with her. She told me she wished I was there every day she went. Honestly, I'm glad I'm not because I can't work out like that. I need to be around people that are stronger, faster and who push me to do better. I don't want to bring any one down being negative. It's hard enough some days getting through a work out. The last thing you want is to have to constantly build someone else up. It must come from within for the most part and the other part, you hope you have good work out buddies to help you get through those days when you aren't feeling it. I'm double dipping today! I'm going to boot camp with Dexter. After all I'm obese and in the Spartan Race. I'll be back to let you know what happens today.

I've returned with not so great news. I was suppose to meet a friend this morning for crossfit. We made the plan last week but she couldn't make it and I didn't get her message until after I got back from the work out. That left me working out twice today. I always go to boot camp because that's where my work out buddies are during the week. This would be the reason for my "double dipping." My team mate Cameo injured her quadricep during our soccer game today. Please send prayers her way that she heals during the week!

E.A. Smith YMCA Boot Camp Instructor 
Dexter Smith
Today's warm up felt like the dirty thirty! 30 push ups, 30 sit ups and 30 squats? I forget. Then we hit the great outdoors. We ran the soccer field twice. My runs are really not great these days. I feel so sluggish when I run. We did 50 lunges and ran 2 more laps around the soccer field. Then we did 50 broad jumps (mine look more like bunny jumps) and ran 2 more laps around the soccer field. We did more stuff but I can't remember and we split up into teams and played more soccer. That's all I've got for today.

Until next time on...How to Train a Spartan

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