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#Mamavation Monday - Real Numbers


#Mamavation Monday - Real Numbers


BIG congratulations to Shelley of @Momma_Oz   for being the Sista of the Week! This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by SUBWAY.

My Work Outs - Higher Gear - Spartan Training
Monday -1 HR PM Boot Camp
Tuesday - 1 HR AM Crossfit, 100/200/200 Challenge
Wednesday - 1 HR PM Boot Camp
Thursday - 1HR AM Crossfit, 100/200/200 Challenge
Friday -  Rest
Saturday -Rest
Sunday - Spartan Race!

Scale Reading -
0 lb. loss. Again! I'm just maintaining.

Measurements -
Just couldn't hobble around long enough to find the measuring tape. You should see my house. OK - you shouldn't see my house. This remodel has everything in chaos mode, more than usual.

These are my "real" numbers!

2/29/2000 155  PreBaby #1
9/12/2000 212  Baby #1
10/17/2000 174  After Baby #1
2/2/2006 190  PreBaby #2
8/23/2006 224  Baby #2
9/20/2006 196  After Baby #2
1/14/2008 180  PreBaby #3
8/19/2008 222  Baby #3
9/16/2008 202  After Baby #3
1/12/2010 191  Start of Mamavation
4/23/2010 185  During Mamavation
10/3/2010 178  To Date

As you can see these are the ups and downs that I have been dealing with over the last 10 years. As you can also see I've mixed up my workouts and even got to the level of crossfit training at 178 pounds. I'm not a stick thin person who just did the Spartan Race. I pushed all 178 pounds of me over the walls, up the hills, through the mud, etc....etc....etc.... I just never want any #Mamavation Mom to think that I don't have a long road ahead of me. I'm constantly challenging my body to do better, be stronger, get healthier and basically break out of this extra weight. It's been a slow process. I'm 5'5" and should lose another 40 - 50 pounds to get out of the "obese" range. At least I think that's what it should be. When talking to crossfit trainer Shaun McCrary he too is considered "obese" which seems crazy to me. He's a rock! He told me that most of these "ideal" numbers don't take into consideration muscle mass. What's my muscle mass? I don't know. lol - But I did release this video to inspire you! Maybe something this extreme is not for you but I just want to show you that it can be done if you want to do it. I want you to know that I work hard and I'm still a big girl. I don't want to be but I'm on my way. In my mind I'm smaller but when I see photos and video like this I know that I still have a long way to go. I have a ton of bruises on me. Maybe because I had such a hard time hurling myself over those walls. I don't know but I did it. A friend asked me today, "Was it worth it?" I'm in pain, I've got to recover before my husband's next trip out of town, I was the last one to finish out of our entire group not just my team, it took me an hour and 12 seconds, and YES every bit of it is worth it. There is a sense of accomplishment and a super cool medal that I will always have with me. You can bet that as soon as I heal I'm gonna be back out there training again. What's next? Warrior Dash - maybe????

Need for fitness support? Join the "Sistahood".

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