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And Then There Was One...


And Then There Was One...

She's all alone now without her puppy pals. When my husband and I first got together we took in two sister puppies Alex and Toni. They were our children before our children, that was back in January of 1998. As time past we accumulated two more puppies, Max and Sam. Yes, we had a total of four dogs at one time. Alex was hit by car when she was three years old. August 10th of this year we lost Sam to cancer.
Last night Max was looking at me, it was an awful feeling. I knew he was suffering. He could not sit or lay down. He kept walking around the house until he was so exhausted he couldn't move any more. It was about 1am when I woke my husband up to let him know this would be a situation he would be dealing with in a few hours.
As I got the kids ready this morning he was calling the vet and trying to get work done at the same time. He took off with the dog. After I got all my little people where they needed to be I went to the vet so my husband could go to work. When I arrived his car wasn't there. I finally reached him by phone and he told me that they put Max down. He told me how he had to hold Max while they did the procedure and how he fought it till the end. That was the most horrible piece of information but I guess he needed to share. Then he started talking about the cost of what had just happened. I couldn't help but be furious.
This is why my husband deals with this stuff, he's more logical about these things. Me, I'm very emotional. I don't think I would have been able to do what he did today. I would have brought the dog home to bury him here. I wouldn't have calculated the expense and that would have put us in a bad place financially. My whole family is suffering a loss today. He was a fantastic dog and so loyal. We picked him up off the streets of Pasadena. He loved kids, candy and good belly rub.
When I returned home the house was so quiet without him. He was the loud jumpy one of the bunch. He always made sure that you noticed him! Toni gave me this sad look. I'm not sure how to explain it. She knows he's not coming back. This is something we really didn't think about getting dogs all around the same age. We never really expected them to die so quickly one right after the other. If we lose Toni this year it's going to be really hard to handle. We haven't told our kids yet. I'm not looking forward to it. We are going to miss you Max! I'm just glad that you aren't suffering any more.

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