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A Little Twist on The Swear Jar!


A Little Twist on The Swear Jar!

My boys have been fighting like crazy lately. It's become a daily thing and everything I'm trying isn't working. They will do things just to mess with each other. Since our oldest boy is 10 we expect that he can set a better example than resorting to two year old tactics. It started out with the two of them calling each other names. Then it became, "he hit me!" The list just kept growing with new and improved ways to annoy each other.

To keep some peace in the house I threatened them with $1.00 fines when they called each other names. They both kept asking things like, "who gets the money?" "Where is the jar?" "How many jars are we going to have?" Well, clever Mom that I think I am remembered that we save our empty coffee cans in the garage!

I pulled one out of the garage and set up a Word document to print out labels for my new "Fine Can." Oh yes.....I did. My labels are:
Name Calling
Being Rude or Back Talk
Taking or Touching other people's things without asking
Touching in a NON loving way - includes but NOT limited to kicking, punching, hitting, slapping get the idea.

It's a huge can so I can add more labels if I need too. I think it's genius! What do we do with the money? Maybe we give it to their baby sister? Maybe we donate it to a charity. I'm sure we will find some use for it. I just hope the thought of parting with a $1.00 every time will decrease these behaviors. The dollars will come from their piggy banks. It always seems to hurt when you have to part with your cash. I'll let you know if this works or not.

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