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Take The Good with The Bad


Take The Good with The Bad

This is my follow up to the "$1.00 Fine Can." My boys hate that can. lol - It's got about $6 in it so far. Rather than focus on negative behaviors I want them to know that I do notice when they engage in positive behaviors too.

For example:
Our oldest fixed breakfast for the little ones yesterday morning without being asked. He just took care of them. The evening before he played a game of Mouse Trap with his little brother and even though he won, he told him that it was a tie! That is progress because normally he will gloat.

Our four year old takes a lot from that Herricane Silly on a daily basis. Yesterday he got into the game closet and pulled out a Perfection for him and Connect Four for her to play with. How sweet is that?

My plan is to put these things on slips of paper with rewards and put them in the can. On Saturdays we will open the can up and see what happens. So I'm looking for suggestions on rewards. I'm thinking about stuff like getting to stay up an extra 15 minutes after bed time or an extra 15 minutes of computer or Wii time. If you have some more ideas just throw them in the comment section! Thanks.

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