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365 Project - 1 Photo a Day


365 Project - 1 Photo a Day

The 365 Project is a really cool site that encourages you to pick a subject and upload a photo a day. The site allows you to have a visual diary to look back on with your friends and improve your photography. You can get tips on better ways to take a photo.

Normally I am behind the camera and if there is a photo of me it is rare. There is one person that takes my photo all the time. He grabs my digital camera and literally points and shoots. He captures me in my most natural states. For some reason I don't seem to mind. I'm not looking for that perfect head shot.

In order for me to get comfortable being in front of the camera and face myself instead of hiding I have enlisted his help. He's going to join me in sharing a photo a day! I don't know of any other four year old photographers. The subject is me through his lens.

Thanks to Widget Box I have created a widget that will summarize our journey together in the side bar. What about you? Are you keeping up with any online visual diaries?

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