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Big Brother


Big Brother

Nope not the "Big Brother" government kind but the big brother that lives 10 minutes away and when I need help he's there. Today the little guy back there found the training wheels I bought (many months ago) for his hand me down bike from his big brother in the garage. He dragged the bike inside the house and opened up the kit! He was done waiting. I did my best to get it all together but I ran into a snag when it came to lowering the seat. I called my brother and he came over with his buddy and they had my son riding in minutes.

He was so excited! He didn't get to ride for very long but he is very excited to practice tomorrow. We are going to have to dig out the bike helmet with the flames on the side. He's going to love it!  I just can't believe how big he looks on that bike. It's going by so quickly. I'm so thankful to have a big brother that can help me with the little things that mean so much.

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