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Juno Jr. - The Day the Music Stopped DVD


Juno Jr. - The Day the Music Stopped DVD

The Juno company has released this wonderful dvd Juno Jr. The Day the Music Stopped. My children love the puppets, the music and the real live rabbit and cat that are in Juno and Rai Rai's room.  

The mayhem begins with the "Shush machine" I have to tell you that I secretly want one of those! lol - The big red button on the "Shush machine" gets pushed by bunny and the town of Harmonia Springs is silenced. 

Juno and her baby brother Rai Rai join in with Bunny, Buzz, Murphy and Indie to discover melody, rhythm, harmony and working together to bring the sound of music back to Harmonia Springs. 

We loved the music, the introduction to the instruments and all the fun characters along the way! My children were head bobbing along with each of the songs. This is the type of dvd that your children will want to watch over and over again! 

For every Juno Baby product sold, they donate a very special music education DVD to a child in need. What a wonderful way to give back. I can't wait to see what composer and mom Belinda Takahashi, Ph. D., comes up with next! Right now you can get free downloads of audiobooks, original orchestral music and iPhone and iPad applications at Special thanks to and Juno Company for allowing our family to review a free copy of this dvd.

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