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Thursday Thirteen - A New Puppy


Thursday Thirteen - A New Puppy

In celebration of our new addition to the family I thought it would be most fitting to do a Thursday Thirteen post about our new furry friend. Thirteen reasons why it's so cool to have a new puppy.

1.) We get to name him whatever we want. Meet Leo.

2.) We get to train him how to walk on a leash. This gets the whole family to walking together too, score for fitness.

3.) We have to walk him several times a day to tire him out so that he's not destructive. More points for fitness!

4.) We get to buy him new toys like tennis balls and squeaky toys.

5.) We have an older dog and she is teaching the new puppy the ropes which helps with house training!

6.) It's nice to know that after 5 months in a dog shelter he finally has a place to call home.

7.) He loves to give kisses!

8.) He's a really smart dog. He already knows how to sit on command.

9.) The kids LOVE to pet him.

10.) He's small enough to fit in the kitchen sink so his baths will be easy.

11.) He likes to play fetch after his bath.

12.) We get to buy him those cool tags that are engraved with their name and number in case they get lost to put on his nice new red collar.

13.) Our older dog has a new friend to play with and keep her company.

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