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Can I Kiss Your Husband?


Can I Kiss Your Husband?

No really, would you mind if I kissed your husband smack dab on the lips? Oh sure it's right in front of you so no harm done right? It's not the European kissing where you give a smooch on each cheek. Check out this video clip from Bravo's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Camille Grammer, now the ex-wife of Kelsey Grammer gives her "friend" Nick Stabile (married) a welcoming greeting.

I'm afraid that many of us will read a little more into that friendship just based on body language. You would have to be a box of rocks not to notice. I just can't imagine greeting any of my friend's husbands like this unless I were seriously attracted to them. Even so, wouldn't I be crossing a line or something? Seems like the lips would be reserved for specific people. Isn't that hug a bit long? Should we count when we hug? ROFL... If I saw a woman kissing my husband on the lips I'm pretty sure there would be some discussions going on all the way around. What do you think?

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