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5 Fingers of Thanks


5 Fingers of Thanks


I'm having to dig really deep here today. I'm in a terrible mood. I'm exhausted and having one of those don't ask what is going to happen next because it's going to be worse than what just happened days. lol

1.) Thankful that when I'm going through a difficult time a sermon from either Joel Olsteen or our church seems to not only apply but give me a different perspective on how to handle myself. In most cases it is much needed.

2.) Thankful for my family. They help me out so much when it's just me with the kids.

3.) Thankful I don't look at being a parent as a "job!" If I did I would be awful upset that there is no vacation, sick days, bonuses, pay, pay raises, over time, no expense account and no prospect of promotion! 

4.) Thankful my son is home from his relaxing weekend at my mom's house. Lucky! 

5.) Thankful for my super awesome hoodie! I feel like a total "Spartan Woman" every time I wear it. It's empowering!

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