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Avoiding a Near Bitten Experience


Avoiding a Near Bitten Experience

Today I was going on my two mile run as an end to my training for the 10K coming up on Sunday. Nothing really feels right in my body yet. Stretching, ice, Epsom salt baths, Sunjing, pain relievers have all been used. Two kill two birds with one stone I met my good friend Karen at this park to give my son pointers on his basketball shooting. While I was there it made sense to hit the little trail that was available! She told me about this trail by the water tower or I could just zig zag around the back. My headphones were in and my basketball shoes were on and this was going to be a short run, no problem. About 8 minutes into my run I was going along the gravel road and looked up at the water tower and immediately ate a big rock! My ankle cracked to the right and my whole body went down to the ground. There I sat on this road thinking, NO!!!! this did not just happen. Please tell me I haven't blown out my ankle. A police officer drove up and asked me if I was ok, "I hope so!" Then I thought about my good friend Sharon who told me that it's best to get up and start walking and I did. Thankfully I could still walk but the pain was there.
After walking a bit I decided it was best to go back to the basketball court and call it good. A few minutes later this man walks up and tells us, "Be careful! I saw a rattle snake over there on the trail!" WHAT????? WOW - Can you believe that? I couldn't have gotten bit by a rattle snake. I'm thinking that rock saved me! I wouldn't have heard a rattle snake at all because I was rocking out to my tunes at the time. I'm calling this a blessing in disguise. At least I can recover what happened with a bit of ice. lol - I'll take it!

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