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Another 10K Down!


Another 10K Down!

It was so HOT! I can't believe I didn't just burst into flames this morning. This time around I was very relaxed and didn't put any pressure on myself. No pressure to run the whole thing or to have the best time, only to finish!

Special thanks to Dr. Nicholas Ruppert from Total Body Work.
He gave Nu and I good mini stretching session before the race. It was truly awesome and I felt fantastic when he was done twisting me up like a pretzel and hitting some trigger points. I still haven't figured out the nutrition part of running because I felt sick to my stomach by the 3rd mile. My right achilles heel was hurting too by this time but the hip was good! My music was 170 bpm which may have been too ambitious for this race but I tried my best to keep up with the cadence. Some where after the 3rd mile I started walking. Then I began running intervals. My stomach was very unhappy. I began power walking and then sprinting. I just wanted it to be over. Near the end of the race a lady (Bib #129) came up beside me and said, "We've got this! Let's finish it!" That's all I needed to hear. She and I finished together....
That's me #7 finishing in an hour and eighteen minutes. My first 10K, the nightmare of Angie's Half Crazy Marathon never registered a time for me. I don't know what the time was exactly but I know this was a much faster time for sure.
(Keith, Me, Nu and Steve)
Once I crossed that finish line I really wanted to hurl! Lucky for me and those standing around me I was able to regroup. We waited around for Nu to get her 3rd place medal. We were so proud of her! I'm not sure how many more 10Ks I will do this year but so far I'm sticking to my 5K goal. Maybe next year there will be a 10K goal. Who knows??!!!

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