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#Crossfit Action: Mom 2 vs. Boys 0


#Crossfit Action: Mom 2 vs. Boys 0

My darling 2 year old has her moments when she wants to do nothing I want her too. Some days I just have to pick her up and make her go where I want. Today I was carrying her up the stairs and I thought to myself, wow she's really light (33lbs.). 

Then I wondered, how would the four year old (43lbs.) feel to me if I carry him like a baby.....
No problem! He was giggling up a storm. He and I are both pretty confident now that if he decides to give me grief that he too can be picked up and carried where ever I want him to go.

But wait! There's eldest son wanted to get in on the action. Honestly I wasn't too sure because he's 5' 1" and weighs 94lbs. Could he really feel light? I know in the past I've tried but didn't want to admit that he was too heavy.
Um, no problem! This was like the 10th picture that the 4 year old took. I had no problem spinning him around and he was pretty amazed. Oh yes, the power of Mom. Seriously, who would believe me? I had to get a photo. lol - So I tip my hat to my awesome trainer Shaun McCrary at There is a whole new level of respect for Mom!
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