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Sweet Potato and Bacon Salad #PaleoRecipe


Sweet Potato and Bacon Salad #PaleoRecipe

It's my first time to cook a paleo recipe! It's my first time to cook a sweet potato and use our steamer that we bought several years back and never used.

4 cups sweet potato, peeled and diced
1 onion, diced
4 rashes bacon, fat removed, diced
Sliced almonds

Steam diced sweet potato for 5-6min, or until tender. Remove from heat and place into a
medium sized mixing bowl.
Meanwhile, place oil, onion and bacon in a frying pan on medium heat and cook until
bacon and onion have browned.
Add bacon and onion to sweet potato and combine well.
Top with sliced almonds to serve.

Tweaks -  I omitted the Almonds because my son is allergic. I wanted him to taste it. He did and spit it out so I think next time I can use the Almonds since he won't be eating it with us. For the oil I would have used Olive oil but apparently I didn't and that makes sense why my onions burned! Geez, I really just now at this very moment noticed that I was supposed to use oil. LOL!!! oh....
 I had no idea how much 4 cups would be and two of these sweet potatoes were plenty!
 I really need to work on my dicing skills but better knives would help me dice properly.
 The steamer hard at work.
 I tried the find a small onion but I couldn't so I opted for half an onion.
The bacon was a pain! How do you remove fat from bacon and then dice it? I had such a hard time getting the fat off. It was gooey. I would rather cook it first, get the fat off and then dice it and mix it with onions. Unless someone can tell me how to do that properly I'm at a loss. I'm glad I went with half of an onion because it would have been way too much. Four out of five of us approved of this tasty dish. I will make it again and tweak it some more but it was fun to venture out and try something new. Thanks Shaun for sharing the recipe.

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