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The Legacy of Inspiration


The Legacy of Inspiration

Dear Dennis,
Your family is ok. They all miss you but they are doing as well as can be expected. Emily and I made arrangements for our kids so we could be there for them. It's a very odd reality that you are gone. The stories that people are sharing all surround your love for swimming, cycling and fitness. You have touched so many people's lives that the stories will go on and on.

It's hard to believe that I have known you since I was five years old. I remember you being the swim coach. I remember you cycling to and from Dobie high school every day. I always thought you were cool because you were listening to the latest music while tinkering with the green van out in the garage. We were just in that garage today unloading your things that were in boxes.

Scott is doing a triathlon on Monday. I have no doubt that you will be with him. I was reading over all your stats again from all the records that you have held. When we do get together to celebrate your life it's going to be packed with people whose lives you have influenced and inspired. Who knows, maybe some of us will end up doing a triathlon in your memory.

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