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#Parenting - What's That Sound?


#Parenting - What's That Sound?

 That is the sound of thousands of parents cheering on the 1st Day of School! Whoo Hoo!!!! My two boys are both in the same school. Little Miss Silly right there had her back pack on but she's not old enough to attend yet. Soon little one...soon.
First we dropped off our little guy. He's turning a whole five years old tomorrow! His sister sat down next to him and started breaking into the school supplies that were marked for someone else. She didn't understand why she couldn't stay there.
Next we dropped our oldest off to his class. Again his sister didn't understand why she couldn't stay with him either. We left with a very upset three year old. Like most parents out there I was worried about how their first day would go. Yes, I'm cheering because I'm down to one child but at the same time 2pm arrives quickly! You just never know what's going to happen or if they will like their classmates and teachers.
Of course I was worried for nothing. They both had a great day! The oldest was holding little brother's hand on the way home. He wasn't happy about me taking a photo of it either. lol - Oh well. I'm a Mom and it's part of the code! Must take photos at every cute opportunity. :)

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