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28-Day Health Challenge by Vitamark


28-Day Health Challenge by Vitamark

 A new day, a new challenge. My work out buddies turned me on to this 28-Day Health Challenge. I get to "Detox. Recharge." Rebuild a better me! Score, I'm in. I love a good challenge and if this is going to help me from the inside out I'm going for it. I got my box of goodies on my doorstep about 30 minutes ago and I can't wait to get started. I'll keep you updated on my progress and let you know what I think here on this post!

Let me start by saying that I am already a customer of  the VitaOne and Crave products. Within a few days of taking the VitaOne packets I noticed a difference. I felt better and my nails were getting longer. The Crave packets were easy, tear, pour in my water, shake and go! Tons of much needed energy. Later on I started taking the Coral Calcium for stronger bones.

My package comes with these products, a check off chart to keep me on track for the full 28 days, a Day 1 questionnaire and a Day 28 questionnaire to track my progress. I'm ready to get started.

Day 1 - Completed questionnaire responding to reasons for taking the challenge. Those that apply to me are: optimal health, improve athletic performance, stress management, mood improvement, better focus/mental energy, stamina and improvement in the aging process.

General wellness average
Quality of sleep low
Stress tolerance low
Digestion quality average
Energy Levels average
Overall Focus low
Quality of mood average

These answers are based on my continuing to heal from my incision. It's a slow process keeping me from being able to work out at my full potential. That's a bit frustrating. My husband is about to leave for a week for work and that puts my stress tolerance at a low level with three kids. Although I do have high hopes of healing, detoxing and recharging! I'm ready for optimal health.
First up! VitaMarin capsule (2xs) & 1 bottle of Limu plus mini, packet of VitaOne and Crave. Let's go!

Day 2 - Same dose different day. I'm not sure if I can tell a huge difference yet. It is also possible that I took 2 VitaMarins last night because I had one of those, did I take that already moments? I couldn't remember so I took one. I still have no idea but I doubt it's going to hurt me. Today I was an organizing machine maybe it is working already! lol - I also ventured out and tried my first Paleo recipe, sweet potato and bacon salad. Yummy!

Day 3 - Same dose or was it? I might have taken 2 packs of VitaOne because I couldn't remember if I took it during lunch time or not so I took it at night just in case. Clearly I have memory issues. Today was blood donation day at our local church. I have trouble with iron and some times if my count is not high enough I can't donate. Today I was able to without a problem so that is a plus! I attempted another Paleo recipe (this time for pork chops) but I didn't have all the ingredients and all of the instructions didn't print out. lol - Welcome to my world.

Day 4 - Note to self: You wouldn't have to worry about taking double doses of anything if you just keep up with the checklist you were given. That is all. :)

Day 5 - Loving the chilled Limu! I take my VitaMarin with it! My blood donation results came back. I'm 3 points higher in my cholesterol level than my last donation but my blood pressure is way down! That's great news. I'm feeling really good! Something you might notice during this challenge would be the color of your urine. Warning! It's going to change colors. I'm guessing that is how you will know it's really working. lol

Day 6 - Staying health conscious on this challenge and hunting for more Paleo recipes. It's tough because a lot of the ingredients aren't part of my every day use. I need to hunt for these things at the grocery store. I need  to get better at meal planning. I'm back to my Rx during my Crossfit work outs. I'm feeling really good and healing from surgery nicely. Only two more days of the same doses and then we get to mix it up again.

Day 7 - Still going strong with the challenge and keeping up with the check list now! lol

Day 8 - I'm on my last Limu Plus Mini - Boo! I really love these little bottles because they are so easy to just grab and go. It's time to put my bottle of Limu Plus in the refrigerator to chill. I like them cold personally.

Day 9 - Fell off the wagon yesterday and today with my eating habits. It's really disappointing but I'm not dwelling on it. My 2 week work out challenge with Drill Sargent Daniel Aralik is over. I have a lot of things to check off on my list. I didn't have any packets of Crave today. That might be the energy that I'm missing today.

Day 10 - I'm really missing those little bottles of Limu. Busy day today so I opened up a packet of Crave and got so much accomplished! Feeling good.

Day 11 - 14 Feeling great! Lots of energy and recharging. I'm really excited to see what day 28 is going to feel like. 

Day 15 - Super excited about the new Facebook Contest! Everyone is showing off their photos. It's not too late to start the challenge.

Day 16 - Powered up with some Limu this morning right before the 5K. Feeling refreshed. Wish I could have gotten more sleep though. The kids were playing musical beds. 

Day 17 - Day 28 Challenge is complete! Let's check in with the rating scale on my assessment.

General wellness average to excellent
Quality of sleep low to excellent
Stress tolerance low to average
Digestion quality average to excellent
Energy Levels average to excellent
Overall Focus low to excellent
Quality of mood average to excellent

Now those are results that I was NOT expecting. I have made lots of changes in my diet, exercise and morning routines. Could these also be variables that play a part in my better assessment? Sure! Change is great. I know that I'm doing great things for my body. I do feel recharged. Love the check list, the products and the evaluations. What a challenge! It was hard to stay on track with the mid day vitamins but all in all I was able to remain on track. Would I recommend it to my friends? You bet! I would also recommend changes in diet, exercise and creating new routines. Thank you Vitamark for putting together a great package.

This is not a compensated post by Vitamark. I am journaling my personal experience with their products during this challenge. Click on those "Like" and "Retweet" buttons to share with the online community. For current events see the side bars and click on the "Add Me" tab above to connect with me using other social media services.

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