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The Barter System


The Barter System

What happened to all my "Happy Panda" inventory? The majority of it went to Ed. We go to the same church and he also owns his own flower shop! What a great idea it was to give him all my supplies that have been sitting in storage. All the ribbon, gift wrapping supplies, custom tissue paper, paci-plushies, tees, onesies and more.

In exchange he told me that I could have a year to send out flowers for different occasions that come up for my friends and family. The other day, I decided that I need the flowers! I love the smell and the colors of a fresh bouquet. I stopped by his shop and asked him if he could just send me the flowers. After all I could always use some cheering up. He really liked the idea.

This past weekend I sold my heat press and quickbooks POS system in a yard sale. All for a steal of $612.00. OUCH! It was on Craigslist and people inquired but this gentleman showed up with his very pregnant wife and two young girls. He's just starting out his custom t-shirt business. Good luck to him because as a fellow entrepreneur I gave him the blessing of a lifetime and he knew it. I wish him well and I hope that he has more success with that equipment than I did. And that is the very end of my adventure with my online business. What's next? Who knows. I had to close that door in order for another to open.

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