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Too Loud or Am I Too Old?


Too Loud or Am I Too Old?

All three of our kids along with many of the local residents received tickets to a magic show as part of the summer reading program. The kids look forward to this every single year. We arrived early so they could grab a good seat right up in the front row.

The magician this year was Carter Blackburn aka “.....the Justin Bieber of Magic!!”- Chuck Montgomery (Booking Agent for the Houston Improv). The music was awesome but it was loud! There were people holding their ears. It's possible he and his brother might have looked out into the audience to notice this and turned the music down. It wasn't a rock concert, it was a magic show for elementary school children. My husband and I discussed at length if maybe we were just too old??? But then our kids came to us complaining about how loud it was so we knew, maybe we weren't so old and it was just too loud. 

Armed with cans of Red Bull he gave the kids a high energy show full of tricks and illusions. It really was a great show. He is really talented and gifted with his mad juggling and balance skills. Here is a video clip from You Tube of his show. Watch for the balancing act with the large rectangle table. Who does that? He does.
The kids were just in awe of his tricks. Their little faces were so much fun to watch. During the saw the girl in half trick our little guy had the most worried look on his face.
We tried to capture it! 
The librarians through out these little clam shells. Our eldest boy caught one but he gave it over to his baby sister. She was so happy to have it!
After the show all the children got to line up to pet the magic show rabbit! They loved it and had such a great time. It's an amazing treat that they will remember for a very long time. Until next year!

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