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Mother & Son Bonding - Game Room Style


Mother & Son Bonding - Game Room Style

Today my son and I went to Main Event. Think of it as a huge play ground filled with fun stuff for kids and adults. They have pool, laser tag, bowling, putt-putt and tons of games! First he owned me on the hockey table. I really tried too but he won 7 to 5.

He would like to be a pilot and an army tank driver in the military when he grows up so he tried this flight simulator game. It didn't work out so well because he kept crashing the plane while trying to do all these fancy flight tricks.
Next we hit this game where we were on some covert mission together. Talk about stress reduction! I had so much fun playing. Games have come a long way since the days of Pac-Man, Donky Kong...etc.
Of course we kept swiping the card to continue playing the game. I had to stop because of time constraints but he was still going strong for a few more minutes! We were a great team. In fact I may have gotten a little too carried away! Look at those points...until next time.
If you have the opportunity to take your kid one on one to a game room go for it!

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