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Saving The Day


Saving The Day

In my world full of little people voices, constant scheduling and cleaning up messes things can get out of order rather quickly! Our community offered to take a group of kids to the water park today and of course my son wanted me to sign him up. He was really upset that he had not gotten to go to one water park this summer. I did call and they told me that they were full! No spots were available and he was out of luck.

This week I sent him to Grandma's house to stay. Funny thing happened this morning, I received a telephone call from one of the counselors asking where my son was because they would be leaving for the water park in just a few minutes. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? You mean to tell me that I already signed him up? I didn't type in my trusty Google calendar? I being the "Super Mutha" that I am completely dropped the ball? YES, YES and YES!

Option 1: Blow it off! Who cares, they already left without him. That money is down the drain. He's been a stinker any way and does he really need to go to the water park?

Option 2: Go get him, drive him there to meet up with the group, it's already paid for! You dropped the ball on this one Mom! You told him it was full and he already had a spot! Maybe he would be a lot nicer if he went to the water park.

Mother's guilt gave way to option 2. I broke records packing his bag and lunch, dropping off the other two at day camp, picking him up from Grandma's and racing to Galveston to drop him off. The counselors and I kept in contact through text messages. They were very cool about it! I got lost on the way back but still made it in time to hit my Crossfit work out. Whoot!

Maybe I should just have him keep his own calendar so he can write his own stuff down. At this point his 10 year old memory is much better than my declining adult memory.

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