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#RunHades Is Right! - It's HOT


#RunHades Is Right! - It's HOT

My sense of adventure is in full swing! Today I have to wonder what the heck I was thinking signing up for this virtual "half" marathon. I love a good challenge but this Texas heat is a scorcher! I checked the weather report when I got home from today's run. The heat plus the humidity makes it feel like 107 degrees outside. No wonder I felt like was going to burst into flames.

I'm trying to finish up this challenge in any way that I can. My three kids have all sorts of places to be at different times so if I'm able to get one mile in then I have to be content with getting that one mile. This Saturday I have a 5K coming up so that will help me log miles. I'm worried. The best I can hope for is that with it being so early in the morning it won't be as hot.
Nike DriFit pants are very HOT and should NOT be worn during the summer time to run or work out in. Now I know. The photo isn't that clear because of the humidity. Can you believe it? Kudos to those of you still moving through out the summer. What a great virtual challenge! It's not too late to join us. If you are interested please click here to be taken to the Hotter Than Hades Virtual Challenge.

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