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#Crossfit WOD - My Hands Still Work


#Crossfit WOD - My Hands Still Work

My hands hurt today but they still work. The black is from the tape on the bar. We did some knees to elbows. I think mine look more like knees to belly button! See that spot on my right hand I squished that part in between the bar and the crook of the stand when I was racking my bar. If that makes any sense at all. It hurts a little.

Finally, one my buddies came in for her first Crossfit work out. She might be in love. We'll see after the pain sets in. It's kind of hard to explain to people what a work out is like. She asked me if it was more cardio?, "No not really!" Then she asked me is it more weight lifting?, "No not really!" It's more like an ALL over work out, short but high intensity. I think she knows what I mean now.

Congrats to her for trying something new. There is nothing like challenging yourself. Break out of the norm, think outside the box, dream a little dream if you dare. :)

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