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Debt Free - Part 2


Debt Free - Part 2

Now that we are debt free, all but the house, we teach and spread the word of Dave Ramsey in our local church. Our Financial Peace University class is starting in September. As facilitators we were invited to a luncheon hosted at Tallowood Baptist Church. Big B's Bar B-Q catered the event. It was fabulous! Sliced beef brisket, bbq chicken, seasoned green beans, baked beans, potato salad, dinner rolls, peach cobbler, bottled water, sweet tea and coffee were served. YUMMY!!!!!!!!

It turns out Dave is coming to Houston 10-08-2011 to the Reliant Arena. Yes, we bought tickets. It's always great to have a refresher and Dave Ramsey has a lot of passion about what he does. When I last left you in February we were going to try to call on a Friday but we never did make it. My husband went out of town and we just never made it. Maybe we can tell him in person when we go to the show.

Here are some follow up answers to some things that I have been asked since becoming debt free.

1.) Do we still use the envelopes? YES! Every single month we still have a budget meeting and we use the cash. We plan better for the birthdays, holidays, taxes and big things that are waiting for us around the corner.

2.) What's it like to be debt free? It's WEIRD. I have to be honest. We really want to pay our house off. We want to owe NOTHING!

3.) Are we able to give more? YES! We are but we give carefully. With some people you can't manage money problems with more money. It's important to understand the entire process or you will end up right back where you were before you got out of debt.

4.) Can you sign up for the class again? YES! Once you have taken the class you are a life time member. Go back for a refresher at any time. Even if you need a little boost or some group support.

I have heard some people say that they have tried Ramsey and just couldn't live off of cash. They had to use their debit cards. OK - everyone is different but being out of debt is the best solution.

The world is NOT set up for cash. It does work but if you take a look at your medical system or your local stores they just aren't equipped to deal with cash. Just because you pay with cash it doesn't mean you are poor! Just saying. We get that a lot at the doctor's office. We get cash discounts! It's true.

Do we still fight about money? YES but not in a bad way. We just argue about what to do with the LEFT OVER money each month. That is totally different!

We still have our bag of cut up credit cards handy. We will never forget what it was like in September of 2009. We honestly look at each other and wonder how we ever made it! If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask me!

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