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Mobility WOD Challenge Series - #1


Mobility WOD Challenge Series - #1

Since my trainer and I have been working on putting me back together. That's the Operation: Humpty Dumpty series, I have been inspired to focus on my range of motion. People seem to think that I'm fit and because I do Crossfit it makes me some sort of super human. Honestly, every time I go in the gym I find more things to work on. My range of motion is just one of the many on my list. My plan is to follow the San Fransico Crossfit mobility wod video series and share that with you here.

Assignment one: Hold a 10 minute squat.
Results Day 1: Held it for 3 minutes while holding the leg of my desk! lol - Yea, I'm not quite there yet. You give it a try. Let me know how it goes!

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