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#Mamavation Monday - Paleo Days


#Mamavation Monday - Paleo Days

A friend of mine is working on her 30 Day Paleo Challenge and asked if I wanted to join her. I really did struggle with this and thought about it long and hard. I'm not a fan of failure and without serious preparation I don't think I would succeed. I found this online challenge if you are curious about what is and isn't on the list of things you can eat.

I really did think about how my whole family would have to switch as well but that there are nuts involved. My son is allergic. Many of the recipes call for certain oils or flours that he can't eat. This would be a hard shift and I would have do some serious digging for recipes. I don't eat seafood either. I have a picky pallet. Do I really want to give up cheese, milk and bread? One day while I was thinking about all of this I sort of caught myself eating all sorts of stuff but none of it was on that Paleo list of foods. For example a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The bread, jelly and peanut butter are NOT on the list. I realized that I might be able to have a Paleo day but that might be about it. This just made me more cautious about what I'm eating.

Calorie counting for me is a joke. I've tried tracking every single thing and plugging it into I did ok for a while and then got busy and forgot what I ate and soon I was counting calories for those 2 Oreos I ate. Seriously? Then the birthdays, holidays and parties hit and why the heck do I want to feel guilty over a damn cupcake? I don't. I'm not. I work super hard every single week and I KNOW that exercise alone isn't going to do it all. I can't go run a 10K and come home and eat a large pizza and expect to lose weight. I get it.

What I'm going to do is make more of an effort to eat more on the Paleo side. For instance last night was
Steak (Paleo)
Mashed Potatoes (not Paleo)
Broccoli (Paleo)
Cheese topping (not Paleo)
Apples (Paleo)

Crumble with 1 scoop of ice cream (not Paleo)

See how that's half and half? I need to make more Paleo choices every single day. I'm going to fight that battle first. It's more likely to become a habit that way. I'll let you know how it goes.

Still working on: Operation: Humpty Dumpty

Eating out:
Feast With The Beast 11/5
Jimmy Changas 11/6
Texas Ren Fest & Moguls 11/12

My Work Outs this past week-
11/21 Monday -  Crossfit, Mobility WOD
11/22 Tuesday - Crossfit, Mobility WOD, Taebo
11/23 Wednesday - Rest Day
11/24 Thursday - 10K
11/25 Friday - Crossfit, Mobility WOD
11/26 Saturday -Rest Day
11/27 Sunday - Crossfit, Mobility WOD

Scale Reading - 7 pound loss???? WT????  I'm believing the scale this week because when I put on my jeans there were too big!

Stress Level - It's not pleasant. Our oldest dog who will be turning 14 in a few days seems to be very sick. I think she is dying. :(     That will be our 3rd dog this year. We got them all as puppies so they are all the same age.

The UP side-I'm near the end of finishing my New Year's goal! 1 5K per month.

A bit of inspiration for you ladies!
Remember - YOU are a role model.

Need for fitness support? Join the "Sistahood". More great resources: The Y, Crossfit Training, Vitamins for your age group,

  • The long term goal 45 pounds by the end of the year.
  • The short term goal lose 3 lbs. per month. 
    • January 179 - 180 = 1 pound gain
    • February 180 - 177 = 3 pound loss
    • March 177 - 176 = 1 pound loss
    • April 176 - 174 = 2 pound loss
    • May 173 -173 = 0 pounds lost
    • June176 - 170 = 6 pound loss
    • July 170 -172 = 2 pound gain
    • August 173 - 172 = 1 pound loss
    • September 173 -171 = 2 pound loss
    • October 171 - 169 = 2 pound loss
    • November 172 -
    • December
Secure Your Success
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Track my weight loss.

 Watch my waist get smaller.
Watch my waist get smaller.

Track my walking.
Track my walking.

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