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12 Day of Christmas, #Crossfit Style


12 Day of Christmas, #Crossfit Style

Tonight we will attend church services and we might open a present or two by the fire but this morning...oh this morning....

There were two classes this morning and my plan was to hit the 8am and go for a group run by 9am. HAH! - I didn't make it for the run. Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas Crossfit Style. I'm still in recovery so I will post what the work out was and how it was modified for me.


                                 WOD                                                       My WOD
                                  12 Air Squats                                          12 Air Squats
                                  11 Ab Mats                                             11 Leg Lifts
                                  10 Wall Balls                                           10 Floor Press (18lbs. 5 each arm)
                                    9 Med Ball Cleans                                  9 Goblet Squats (18lbs.)
                                    8 KB Swings (35lbs.)                             8 KB Cleans (18lbs. 4 each arm)
                                    7 Burpees                                               7 Push Ups (knees)
                                    6 Box Jumps                                           6 Step Ups
                                    5 Dead Lifts (65lbs.)                               5 Dead Lifts (65lbs.)
                                    4 Front Squats (65 lbs.)                          4 Leg Presses
                                    3 Racked Lunges (65 lbs.)                      3 Lunges
                                    2 Thrusters (65 lbs.)                               2 KB Thrusters (18lbs. each arm)
                                    1 Handstand Push Up                             1 Push Up (knees)

What you do is follow the order of the tree. You would do 12 air squats, then 12 air squats and 11 ab mats, then 12 air squats, 11 ab mats, 10 Wall Balls and so on and so on adding to each round. Sounds like pure torture doesn't it? You bet it was! Even the modified version gave me a run for my money. I did mostly ok. My squats were not great and the dead lifts were not a lot of fun but I finished. I'm on my way back. It was frustrating knowing that I was doing a modified version but that's just where I am right now. As for Crossfit, it feels like I'm starting all over. Nearly 4 weeks have past and I'm still nursing this injury. I'm in the gym and I'm making the effort, that should be enough. At least that's what I keep telling myself! Did you get your work out on this Christmas Eve?

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