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How To Keep Those Little People Occupied


How To Keep Those Little People Occupied

Are you at home with the kids while they are out of school for the Christmas holiday? Need some tips to keep those brains and little hands occupied? Here are a few to choose from that we have been trying here in our home.
Give them some rakes! They can do a little yard work if it's nice outside.
Dress them up and take your chances on getting one good shot for a Christmas card!
Have them help wrap presents! One can cut, one can tape while the other tags and bows!

Break out the game boards and puzzles.
A laundry basket and a flash light allows them to pretend they are camping in a tent!
They can capture each other in the dog crate. Make sure it's a big one.

Have a guest over and make sure they don't let them leave without a fight!
Play peek a boo with the dog.
Let them dress up the dog up like a reindeer.
Try the bucket style laundry baskets so they can pretend to be turtles.

Creative little bunch! And to think there are only 13 days left of Christmas vacation. Who knows what they will come up with next. Stay tuned...

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