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#30DayPaleoChallenge - Day 2


#30DayPaleoChallenge - Day 2

I survived day one but day two was not very pleasant either. I'm suffering from headaches but I believe that's from the lack of caffeine. My coffee has to have cream and sugar and obviously those are not on the Paleo list. For breakfast we had eggs and my daughter and I shared the orange. She got a piece of toast with jelly that smelled really good. For lunch the menu was a pork chop, carrots and almonds. For snacks I'm basically having some sort of fruit and nuts. 

The challenge is really bringing out my weaknesses as a cook. I'm not sure what to do with vegetables as far as making them taste good while still being in compliance with the challenge. Today was a rest day for me due to the severe amount of back and foot pain. However, I did hobble around Wal-Mart in order to pick up supplies. We have a group on Facebook for this challenge. Everyone is posting photos of what they eat and most of it looks really good. It appears as though this is a pretty easy challenge for the Crossfit crew. For me it's a massive struggle. It feels like I'm fighting demons. The withdrawals from caffeine and sugar are the worst.

Where is all that extra energy? I don't feel it. I feel like I'm dragging the planet. Where is that good mood? I feel like people are in danger around me. I'm not pleasant at all. My husband is trying this with me and when I say trying I mean he's eating what I'm eating with a bit of cheese and a Luna bar (Lemon flavored, my favorite!). He's apparently losing two pounds a day by cutting out sugar. Um....Luna bar = sugar! But I'm not bitter. See, I'm just not a happy person right now.

At our Mom's group one of them brought a yummy pumpkin pie! My reaction was so strong that I'm guessing they didn't want to eat it in front of me. I'm sorry. :(     You could smell that yummy goodness! The sugar, pumpkin and cinnamon!!! I resisted.

Dinner: Steak, butternut squash and broccoli. The butternut squash was NOT a hit. No one really liked it but it could be my lack of skills for seasoning. Lord knows I'm turning into a Google junkie hunting recipes. I did find one for Guacamole and we did try it and it was soooooooooooooo good!

The point system is getting confusing for me. We are suppose to eat lean meats but there is a lot of bacon and sausage going on. Huh? I don't get it. Then again I have to go back to what my trainer said, if it runs and you can kill it then your good? That might not be his exact words but that is what I remember. lol

For a snack I'm trying a banana, nuts and some green tea. BLAH!!!! Green tea with no honey or any sweetener it's not worth drinking! Just stick with the water. I find myself still hungry through out the day. It could be all mental. I'm one of those people that feels better when I eat that yummy chocolate chip cookie because I'm totally stressed out. Now if I could get out and run or hit the gym this might be better but I'm in this horrid cycle of pain right now. Ugh! Maybe day three will be better.

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