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Facebook vs. Fan Page


Facebook vs. Fan Page

I have made some changes to my Facebook account. My blog feed was going to both my personal account and my Fan Page. To me that would seem a bit annoying to get it twice in your feed, if you're a friend and a Fan. In order to consolidate the posts I thought I would just keep my blogging information on my Fan page (except for this post). What does this mean for you? If you are friend and not a fan then you will likely never see my awesome posts come up in your news feed. What's a friend to do? Click on the hyperlink above that reads "my Fan Page" and click "Like" easy peasy! 

Sometimes navigating your way through the online business can be confusing! As a blogger do you want to be known by your name? Your blog name? Both? How do you want people to find you? It's not a good idea to flip flop about that decision. I made that mistake with my Fan Page a few months back and changed the name. This means that I lost 300+ followers. Oops! I hate it when that happens. People are starting to come back and check it out again. Thank goodness but it's been a slow process.

Do you need a Fan Page? Guess that depends on what your Fan Page is for but an easy rule of thumb would be:
Are you a blogger? Yes - Yes you need a Fan Page.
Are you in business for yourself? Yes - Yes you need a Fan Page.
Are you an individual that just likes to hang out on Facebook and chat with your buddies and play games? Yes - No you probably don't need a Fan Page. Although I wouldn't rule it out. You could create a "I'm the Mayor of Petville" Fan Page. Who knows? I wouldn't rule anything out when it comes to Facebook. For more information on how to market your Fan Page check out this article on Mashable.


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